NEW extra Gallery!

12.8.2003 - Happy 31th Birthday Rebecca!!


NEW! (10.5.2003)

"Invasion" and "Pipe Dream" pictures in the Gallery


Welcome to my Rebecca Gayheart Gallery !

This is the 4th version of my homepage. I've included these features:

- a new freemail service, go here!

- new pictures of Harvard Man in the gallery

- new Harvard Man movie clips in the movie section

- new articles

- more pictures (more than 3000 !) in a sorted Gallery

- a picture zoom java applet for every picture in the gallery (try it !)

- nearly 450 MB of movie clips

- download aera with screensaver, autograph, and Rebecca 3D (3D quicktime movie)

- the new java art gallery: the best pictures of Rebecca combined with java enhanced effects

- a new forum

- articles and information about Rebecca


So, I hope you enjoy this page. Tell me what you think about it and contact me.

And don't forget to sign the guestbook. Also you are invited to join the forum.


Oh, .... I almost forgot: I'm searching for new stuff of Rebecca, especially material

(pictures, whole episodes, movie clips, ..) Beverly Hill 90210.

If you have some material or you know some one who has, please contact me, I would

be VERY interested. By the way, if I should use material you sent me, I'll put your name

or mail adress on the page, if you want.


Ralf Kornberger, 14.9.2001


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