"Rebecca Gayheart: Out of the Shadows"
by By Russell Simmons

Russell Simmons: So, sweetheart, what are we doing new with our career?

Rebecca Gayheart: Well, my new film Shadow Hours comes out this month.

RS: Porno flick?

RG: Sorry to disappoint you, no. It's a drama with Balthazar Getty and Peter Weller. It's a pretty dark movie, Russ.

RS: You did a movie with Peter Weller, the guy whose house we used to rent? The guy who put us out on the street? Well... I guess we did have a few too many people in there.

RG: [Laughs] It was like a frat house. The minute you arrived, Russell, all tranquility was gone.

RS: There was never tranquility in any house you lived in.

RG: [Laughs] What does that mean?

RS: I'm just telling the truth, keeping it real.

RG: Don't even start.

RS: It's true, Rebecca. You were a little girl from Kentucky, a sweet little girl, and now you're "an actress."

RG: And?

RS: I've said enough. Anyone knows that there's a contradiction there -- "sweet girl from Kentucky" and "actress."

RG: You're just confused, Russell.

RS: By the way, did I ever tell you I saw an item in the paper about what you were going to wear to some big awards event? They had a big beautiful picture of you. Then they mentioned all those smaller actresses like Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. But they didn't get pictures.

RG: [Laughs] Shut up... So Russell -- give me some expert career advice.

RS: Well, I think you have to show more of the things you can do. For instance, I knew you were capable of playing evil because I saw that look in your eye the time you threw a glass of orange juice on that guy's face.

RG: Well, you were always my partner in crime.