by Elizabeth Meyers

She's suddenly single and loves golfers. But whatever you do, don't get on Rebecca Gayheart's bad side.

She looks innocent enough. The native of Hazard, Kentucky, withthe Noxzema - clear skin and wide blue eyes who - pay attention here - has an appreciation for the golfer's physique. But her movie roles will tell you of her dark side. She stabbed her fellow studen'ts in 1998's Urban Lengend, and she helped chock a Goody Two-Shoes to death in last year's Jawbreaker. Now Rebecca Gayheart, 28, promises that she's ready to change her wicked, wicked ways.


Is It True You're Giving Up The Teen Slasher Movies?
"Urban Legend was great, because it's not often the female gets to be the serial killer. But I'm hoping to move on and start playing my age. I finally get to in my new movie - Shadow Hours - which is good."

No Untimely Deaths In This one?
It's a very dark film about one's journey in life and the choice that you have: to indulge your dark side or resist it. But my character represents the good, the hope, the light. Balthazar Getty plays my husband, who's a recovered drug addict.

I Understand There's Serious Bondage In The Film.
There's a lot of sadomasochism. For me, it was really scary, because I've never been exposed to anything like that before.

Let's Talk About Something More Up Our Alley. Do you find golfers sexy?
If he's an amazing golfer yes! Tiger Woods did a lot for golf, because he's young and energentic and handsome. I thing golf is a really sexy sport.

Ready to hit the links yourself?
Golf lessons wouldn't be such a bad thing... If I start now, I'll be really great by the time I'm older. When you're 70, there aren't a lot of sports you can play.

Last year, you were dubbed "The sexiest woman on the planet." Are you?
No! It was really flattering, but I keep thinking they must've been high. It's not a bad thing for guys to thing you're sexy, but in reality, my girlfriends would tell you something different.

Your 12- year relationship with director Brett Ratner recently ended. Are you looking to hook up?
I'm enjoying being on my own, focusing on me and not my relationship. And thank god for my friends... They're the best dates in the world.