The Dave Letterman Show


note: this is as close to word for word i could get.

R: Rebecca Gayheart, D:Dave Letterman

D: "Boy is my face red! They show me these magzines and I think 'boy she's on both of them' but thats not you"

R: "That's not me"

D: pointing at Instyle Cover "How about that fab hair?"

R: "that is fab hair"

D: goes on to show the naked pic from Instyle,

D: "So where are you from?"

R: face still red "Pinetop, Kentucky"

D: "I'm gonna say thats a small town"

R: "It is, about 800 people"

D: "What's that like living in a small town?"

R: "Well basically you know everyone in the town. I'm going back for a family reunion tomarrow."

D: "Really, how many people in the family?"

R: "I'm not sure 'cause I have a lot of distant cousins, but i'll say maybe 100, 150 people."

D: "Oh so its like a annual event, will you be naked?"

R:"NO, no Dave i won't be naked. My dad's hosting it and i'm bringing a friend, she's from Fresno and a vegetarian so I think that's going to be a problem Dave."

D:"Oh ya being from Fresno"

R: "Well theres a big pig roast so their going to try to shove meatballs down her throat."

D: "So how's you're kitty?"

R: "Oh you know about my kitty, he's ll years old and weighs 11 lbs."

D:"A mouser?"

R: "No."

D: "Really never catches mice. why not?"

R: "No i wont allow him its gross."

D:" Well what does he play with?"

R: "He's plays with string. I bring him with me everywhere though i didn't bring him this time cause its a short trip but actually I had a emergency landing with him once."

D: "Really was a plane involved?"

R: laughing "The stuartess said to leave all your personal belongings and take off your shoes. So i was scard and took my cat out of its bag and the stuartess said no, you have to leave your personal belongings, and I said no this isn't a personal belonging its my cat so we had a little run-in with the stuartess."

D: "You see that's where I think they were wrong, a kitty is a living being."

R:" I left my purse and shoes which were personal belongings, but they never found them so its a good thing i took my cat."

D: "So what's this new show of yours?"

R: "Its Wasteland, it premieres on ABC and is on Thursdays on ABC."

D: "Okay quit rubbing it in about it being on ABC"

R: "No, sorry I love CBS"

D: "Its okay I care about nothing.... So what's it about?"

R: "It's about that awkward transitional period into thirty."

D: "Your a beautiful woman"

R: "Thank you"

D: "Is there a lot of sexual activity?"

R: "There is some sex but I'm not involved in it." the audience awwws "I play someone who works in the D.A.'s office, a southern debutante who is trying to get some respect in the world and having sex wouldn't do that for me."

D: "What's the office?"

R: "I work in the D.A.'s office, I'm a pee-on in the D.A.'s office."

D: "So is it anthor lawyer show?"

R: "No, we have a neurotic publiscist, a gay soap star, i'm a pee-on in the D.A.'s office, we also have a 26 year old virgin."

D: "Well most importantly, and i'm really holding my breath, is there a part of Mr. Kitty?"

R: "Are you making fun of my cat's name? I tried to name him something else, i tried to name him Sushi but that didn't work."

D: "Okay Wasteland premieres October 7th, have no idea what network, but its premiering."

Sorry tape ended there.